Christie Prescott Interview With Surrogacy

Something that isn’t going well for Christie Prescott is that she signed up to be a surrogate mother recently. I guess you didn’t know what she would be getting herself into. A couple of days into taking upon the baby, she decided that it would be a wise idea to start smoking cigarettes again. She had been not smoking cigarettes for about 20 years, but then decided that day that she really needed to because she was feeling odd.

This is a huge no-no because she signed a huge agreement saying that she would not do this because she is caring for a baby. This is different from our last post that refers to ivf san diego.

Now the actual parents of the baby are suing this Christie because she has not following the contractual agreement. Christie is going to forgo all the money and be due a lot of money. Now it is up to the courts what to do with the baby and what to do with Christie. Christie has knowingly ruin this babies life by doing what she was doing to her body.

Questions To Ask At First Fertility Clinic Visit

In turn: this baby might now have some birth defects and have a very difficult time with life. The baby might not even survive. Christie could go down to someone who is actually a third degree murderer. Fertile says that they most likely will not.

Legal action is supposed to proceed in the next upcoming weeks. We’re just going to have to see what ends up happening here. This is a case that we’re going to continually update you guys about. One fertility clinic san diego is worth checking out is that one listed. It cna drastically help you.

The agency that used Christie is not available for comment per this website. However, other surrogacy agencies have already spoken out about this issue. All of them are saying that this would never happen with your agencies because of the diligent background checks and they don’t take anyone who has ever puffed. a cigarette.